Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cautious Celebrations

Ever since we found out that our surrogate was discharged from the hospital last week, we've been celebrating guardedly.

To show our appreciation for Meera's sacrifice being on strict bed rest for 6.5 weeks, we sent her a card expressing our gratitude, along with a cake and flowers.  If any of you wish to recognize a special event for your surrogate, SCI suggests Ferns N Petals.  We can recommend them too, as the delivery was timely (next day) and the cost was surprisingly very reasonable.  We asked if the staff could send us a picture of Meera when she received the flowers, and they were able to provide the following:

Sorry to blur Meera's face since she is truly a lovely person outside as well as in,
 but we do want to respect her privacy.
This past Sunday we met up with fellow bloggers and IPs from the Dallas area to celebrate our ongoing pregnancies and in one case the successful birth of twins.  Those in attendance included Travis and myself, Tim and Nathan (Two Men, One Dream… 8,172 Miles Away), Kim (Surrogacy in India, an Involved Aunt's Persepctive), and Mark (non-blogger; he's "marktex" in the SCI forum).  We invited Critty (My Dreams are in Far Off Places), but she was away in Oklahoma visiting family in preparation for her impending baby pick up.  Six babies (that we know of) from the Dallas area through SCI! 

Kim had just returned from India, so she had loads of information and stories to share about the process.  We tried to take it all in and make mental notes about flights, apartments vs. hotels, diapers and formula, and of course the dreaded FRRO.  Naturally, we also reminisced and relayed anecdotes about India and its myriad of experiences to be had.  From all the delicious food and the unfortunate instances of Delhi belly, to the Taj Mahal and the pesky guides steering you to the shops, to crazy Rahul and his fantastic drivers, among many of the beautiful people one encounters in India.

It was really great to socialize in-person with folks who share a common bond.  It reminded us what a great community this is, one in which you become a member by deliberate choice, not chance.  And we are lucky to be a part of it.  Cheers!

P.S. 16 weeks!  Grow baby, grow!


  1. What a lovely get together Ben, thank you for sharing. It took one immediately back to Delhi with its crowd of vivid, colourful memories, mostly positive, and fabulous...the baby is expected in mid-September. So, look forward to all your great updates and news. Lots of love and best wishes from Canada.

  2. What a great gift idea, Ben. We'll definitely look into that. It looks like you guys have created a great SCI support group in Dallas. That's nice.

  3. So happy for you guys. We are 21 weeks now. There is going to be a lot of babies soon :)

  4. sounds like you guys a had great get together, so pleased your surro is doing better and agree, grow baby grow!