Monday, February 18, 2013

"Hope for the best, plan for the worst"

Even when you expect the worst news, it's still shattering.

Despite having felt failure before, it cuts just as deep each time.  Maybe moreso because the previous wounds haven't healed wholly.

Though we kept our hopes from flying high, it's hard not to feel totally defeated.


  1. I am really sorry guys. Sending much love and hugs

  2. Hey guys, we are so sorry to hear of a no go again. We have had many attempts and it is so bloody hard. Keep your eye on the end result to find strength to move on to the next attempt.
    I&D XO

  3. So sorry to read the sad news. Sending you both warm wishes

  4. I m so sorry and sadden by this news. I wish I can do something to erase all the disappointment and sadness. All I can do is give you guys a cyber hug, and tell you guys to never stop dreaming, never lose hope, never give up. May the force be with you! Sending tons of positive vibes and baby dusts.

  5. I'm sending you guys lots of great vibes. Pls don't give up. We are all in this together, and while we individually will have failures, collectively we are all sharing the highs and lows together. I'm sorry to hear about yet another no-go, but big big hug and we will all be hear when you get your great news next time.