Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thanks, and Perspective

We want to thank everyone that has commented on the blog and sent personal messages of support.  It has meant so much to us that we are part of this wonderful community.  We realized that so many others have experienced more failures and losses, spent more years trying, and dug even deeper to find ways to continue, and this has given us perspective, and more importantly, inspiration.  I have been and still am surprised by how many hits the blog has had in just a few weeks, and understand that while not everyone blogs and comments, there are many out there who read the blogs to gain various views and insights on the process of surrogacy in India, particularly with our clinic, SCI.

Speaking of SCI, I wish to respond to "Anonymous" who commented on a recent post.  While my first reaction was to remove the comment, I ultimately did not want to censor any opinions I disagreed with nor assume the commenter's intention or agenda.  When we were researching surrogacy in India, we read news and personal accounts of scams, so we were sensitive to the issue.  The only way we could pursue surrogacy halfway around the world was if we felt we could genuinely trust and rely on the care of the doctor and clinic, since we were giving up so much control to them.  In the end, we visited the clinic and met with Dr. Shivani and her team, and our gut told us that we had made the right choice.  Besides, one needn't take our word for it--so many other personal blogs are also a testament to SCI, and that's one of the main reasons we chose them.  And having benefited from others' experiences, we decided to start a blog as well, to share our perspective and possibly help others in their journey.  So I wish to state in no uncertain terms: We have never felt we were taken advantage of or given false reports by SCI.  We have received nothing but the most professional and compassionate treatment from the case managers, staff and Dr. Shivani herself.

While we have felt deflated after this recent failed attempt, it has not diminished our desire to become dads.  We have posed some questions to Meg (another of SCI's case managers) and Dr. Shivani, that will allow us to decide how we move forward.  Once we get those answers, we'll be back to share them.  In the meantime, we appreciate everyone's continued interest and support.


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